Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bobbi Brown 18 piece brush set with case

Bobbi Brown 18 piece brush set with case

BB 18 pcs travel set is a perfect combination of your make up needs and ease. It is brand new, comes with a free black leather case. The brushes are 12-15cm in length.

01.Powder Brush(R.niviventer hair)hair long 4.5cm,total long 18.5cm
02. Blush (goat hair)hair long:4.9cm   total long:20.5cm
03. Bronzer(horse hair)hair long:3.9cm   total long:16.5cm
04. Face Blender(goat hair)(white hair)hair long:4.1cm  total long:17cm 
05. Foundation(fibre hair)hair long:3.2cm  total long:22cm 
06. Eye Shader (horse hair)hair long:2.2cm Total hair:19cm 
07. Eye Shadow (horse hair)hair long:1.3cm total hair:8.5cm 
08. Eye Blender (SQUIRREL hair)hair long:1.9cm   total long:19cm
09. Eye Smudge (horse hair)hair long :1.3cm  total long:18.5cm 
10. Eye Contour(horse hair)hair long:1.3cm  total long:18.5cm
11. Cream Shadow (fibre hair)hair long :1.2cm   total long :17.5cm
12. Eye brow(fibre hair)hair long :0.9cm   total long :17.4cm
13. Touch Up(white horse hair) hair long1.3cm  total long:18.6cm 
14.Eye Liner Brush(fibre hair)hair long:1.1cm  total long:17.5cm 
15. Ultra Fine eye Liner(fibre hair)hair long:0.6cm  total long:17cm 
16. Concealer Brush(fibre hair)hair long:1.25cm  total long:17.5cm 
17.Lip(horse hair)hair long 0.9cm :total long:17.5cm
18. Eye Definer (Raw Pahmi hair) hair long:0.8cm  total long :17.2cm

Monday, April 2, 2012

Produk : 12 pcs brush
Price : RM25
Postage : RM6

Tuesday, January 10, 2012